Design and production trends for events and parties in the Year of the Rooster.

Design Trends - Year of the Rooster

January 28 is the day we officially enter the Year of the Rooster. This sign of the Chinese Zodiac tells us about the year to come – and the headline news is that the year will be anything but dull. Roosters don’t do boring. They are full of optimism and confidence and they’re opinionated and demanding. But they’re also practical.

Fresh Ideas

What does this mean for the event and party planning industry? We expect 2017 to be the year of originality, drama and theatre. Clients will demand fresh exciting ideas and a totally bespoke approach to design every time. The Roosters confidence will inspire innovation and allow event designers to push the boat out when it comes to creativity in transforming spaces and delivering sensational and theatrical styling, catering and entertainment.

The dominant aesthetic will radiate light and colour to create electric and flamboyant atmosphere. This is all about having an unbelievable time. And creative design that pushes boundaries will be the conduit for delivering unforgettable memories.

2017 event design trends - sensational and theatrical styling

The antithesis of 2017 trends is anything that’s boring, old hat or dull. Confident clients will not want anything that resembles the same party design that everyone else has already had. Event designers who can manage budgets for maximum impact, coupled with fresh ideas, will be the winners.

Creating Great Theatre

The drama of the political will transfer to the theatre of design. With increasing international uncertainty, the here and now, and as well as the local, feel more important than ever. For celebrations and landmark occasions, clients will seek vibrant adventure to share with their guests in unique and local spaces. A creative design will offer the excitement of the international in new ways not before conceived, direct to clients’ homes. Party planners will not just simply deliver the elements of venue, catering, entertainment, but produce an experience rich in culture, history and taste. An original story.

2017 event design trends - creative party design

Productivity, practicality and organisation are key for 2017. There’s no space to slow down. While producing bigger, more and better, event and party designers will need to raise the ante on creativity and provide great theatre for delivering thrilling bespoke experiences.

In short, 2017 is about putting in the hard work, delivering the drama but playing it cool in production by being super organised and in control.  Happy Chinese New Year!

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