The 21st always feels slightly more invested: it’s a complicated, challenging time, yet incredibly exciting and feverishly exhilarating. It’s an emotion to capture: the love and support of friends and family and the pride and prospect of seeing someone stepping out into their future. It’s about celebration. And we pride ourselves on creating special moments that capture the sentiments and spirit of our clients.

Show girls 21stxmas-2183-copy21st Birthday Party

We’ve got the key to the party!

Whether it’s 21 types of Sashimi, 21 contemporary dancers, or 21 tips and twists on a Blackjack themed party, you will have the very best team working for you, crafting and coordinating a seamless event.

Understated or overstated, beach party or lavish ball, prime venue location or luxury marquee, maximum capacity or quiet complement of your closest, Mirage will bring with them innovative and experienced ideas to craft a unique experience.

Champagne cocktails? The bar’s all yours.

Fashion a nightclub, indulge in themed and interactive entertainment, or dine on the finest fare and sip champagne while your beloved artist takes to the stage.

Liven the Party, Lighten the Load

We give you 21 reasons to relax and 21 reasons to party on. You can do it in style, while we do everything else. From conception to clear-up, we will take care of it all.

To get speaking to our team of 21st Birthday planners, email us on or give us quick call on 01883 740400

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