Create the Ultimate Party Venue – in a Marquee.

Creating stunning and unforgettable events for our clients is at the heart of what we do. Many of these parties are created in the grounds of our client’s properties. Using a marquee as a party venue has many benefits when it comes to hosting your event.  Here at Mirage, styling is key and with our expert event stylers we can create the party atmosphere perfect to match our client’s requirements and their guests.

We have created beautiful weddings, sensational birthday parties and nightclub pop-up events all in temporary event structures.  We only work with leading suppliers and once constructed our party stylists set to work on creating the most perfect setting for your event. 

We’ve pulled together a comprehensive guide of what you need to consider when it comes to hosting a party in a marquee and hopefully answered many questions that come into consideration when looking to have an event in a temporary event structure. 

What are the benefits of having a party in a marquee?

Pick the Best Party Venue 

You can pick the desired location and if having a birthday party, wedding or landmark celebration in your own grounds is an option, then this can be the best party venue.  Have you ever dreamed of getting married in a field or hosting your very own festival?  We can work with you to make this happen. With over 25 years of experience, we will create the best possible space with the perfect marquee that suits the size of the site and the number of guests. Our party planners are experts in creating events in temporary event structures.


Our event designers work with each client to create bespoke themes that meet our client’s party wishes. Having a party in a marquee allows us to work with a blank canvas.  We can be as creative as you’ll allow, whether it be themed, formal, or slick and sophisticated.  We’ll design a layout that best suits the space and the desired environment.  Take a look at our gallery to get some fabulous inspiration to help with your party planning ideas.


Entertainment is key to all our parties and marquees provide the perfect space for creating the ultimate event with top on-trend acts, bands and performers. 

Weather is not an issue

You can party whatever the weather! Should the British Summer be wet, or the temperature plummet (or even if it soars), we look beyond just installing heating or air-conditioning. We create a party that is wonderful whatever the weather.

We consider every detail when it comes to planning your party to make it the most perfect venue for you and your guests. Our expert planners will come and meet you to carefully plan out the requirements. We take into account:

  • power requirements
  • site plans
  • structural layouts

Our client’s get the desired ‘look and feel’ for their event and we guarantee the event is compliant with strict British Healthy & Safety requirements so there is nothing for you or your guests to worry about.

Types of Marquees

There are a whole array of temporary event structures available to suit your space and your needs.  Using our wealth of experience we have put together an inspirational summary of the types of marquees we work with and how they can be used.  We have worked with ALL kinds of spaces to create the most perfect parties for our clients. From a city garden with limited space to acres of green space; we advise on how best to deliver the venue you want.

We visit your party location and provide clear recommendations on what structure we think suitable for your space, guests and party ideas.


Clearspan structure 1920's themed party
Clearspan structure creates the perfect open size for styling.
  • A fabulous, versatile structure that can accommodate 10 – 10,000 people.  With a structure that works perfectly for styling, it allows our event stylers to create an opulent, luxurious venue.  This kind of structure works best on a clear footprint as it provides a defined party space.  With varying sizes these are perfect marquees to use.

Stretched Tents

Decorated entrance to a stretch tent at a summer party
Stunning entrance to a styled stretch tent.
  • Excellent marquees for summer partying. They can be constructed over the most intricate of spaces and provide an answer to outside event planning in areas you may not have considered.   They create a fabulous garden feel and can be styled to deliver the perfect party ambience.


Party Tipi's at night with festoon lighting and party guests
Tipis adjoined to create the perfect party space.
  • Unique structures that can be joined together to create space and add various dimensions to your event.  They are also excellent in the Winter and have a proven track record in withstanding even the most challenging conditions. Great for creating a festival styled party either using the larger sizes and/or smaller individual sizes.

Pagoda marquees

Pagoda temporary event structure for a Party
Pagodas formed part of this beautiful event.
  • A beautiful, elegant structure otherwise named ‘Chinese Hats’ due to the roof placed on the top. These can also be linked together to provide a larger space if necessary.  A superb structure for more intimate parties or where space is at a premium.

Traditional Marquees

Traditional marquees at a garden party with outside tables
Traditional marquee for a perfect summer party.
  • Stunning structures that we have used to create beautiful weddings and garden parties that are looking for the more English traditional feel.  Our expert event stylists can create an interior to match and provide the desired environment for your party.  

Bar & Catering requirements are naturally part of our parties. Working with the space available, we deliver the best experience for our client’s and their guests.  Similarly, we plan and advise on additional facilities required. 

At Mirage, we have carefully selected the suppliers we work with based on years of experience. We work with the UK’s leading suppliers who deliver the quality required within a realistic budget. These valued relationships with our suppliers ensure that our events, your parties, run seamlessly throughout the pre-production, party night and take down. Whatever space chosen for your party, our expert party planners will create the most wonderful and unforgettable event for you and your guests

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