The plethora of parties and weddings being postponed or cancelled this summer due to Coronavirus/Covid 19 are creating immense stress for those whose parties and weddings they are.

As each day passes the situation and timescales change creating huge uncertainty and difficulties.  So we thought we would open our expertise out to the wider audience and go through a few of the things here to see if there is a way to alleviate some of the stress you are going through.

Most importantly if you have a party or wedding booked with a planner it is to contact them asap to start discussions on what to do. If you don’t have a planner working with you it might be worth considering it as their experience and knowledge will help to calm things and find solutions for you. Please do give us a call if you would like to chat through anything regarding your event.

But let’s look at some of the areas that need to be considered to mitigate the issues being created by Coronavirus

Postponement or cancellation:

From a financial perspective postponement will almost certainly be preferable. Under most contracts a cancellation will lead to the loss of any holding deposits. With postponement whilst not all of a deposit can necessarily be transferred to the new date it’s likely that much of it will. This does very much depends though on how far ahead the date is and what additional work the new date creates. There is no rule of thumb at the moment and we are working with our clients on a case by case basis to ensure a smooth transition.


With venues often being booked upto a year or more in advance, changing dates will be a challenge. As time progresses free dates in September and October and then next year will be disappearing quickly. Talk with your planner about options or allow us to help. Moving to another venue could well mean the loss of your deposit, although we are finding some we are dealing with are being generous at this stage. So there could be three options, moving venue to get the date you want, being flexible with dates and day of the week to get the venue you want or thirdly consider moving the event to a marquee or structure. If you have the space this can be done at home or could be held in a number of greenfield sites we know of. We can quickly advise on the feasibility of this option enabling you to discount or consider it.

An event planner can help immensely with these three options, having a huge number of different venues on our books we can find and suggest options similar to what you originally had. If you want to stay at your venue then consider holding your event on a weekday, not ideal but trust us your party or wedding will be remembered for the fantastic event it was not what day it was on.

The third option of a structure or marquee can work very well, there is a great deal more flexibility and don’t think you have to limit it to warm spring or summers days. Winter events in structures with the right planning and production can be fantastic affairs. It gives you a unique personal event,  quite different from a venue.  Availability of structures is easier and your planner can recommend the right type of structure for your event. Helping you plan and create that truly memorable day.

Acts and Entertainment:

We know the frustration of having everything booked and having secured the band or entertainment you really wanted, only to find they cannot make the new date. This is certainly where a planner can help. With our 25+ years of experience and knowledge we have a huge list and understanding of acts and entertainment and matching the right acts with our clients is something we do well. So whilst your act might not be available we are pretty confident we can find one that you’ll be equally happy with, possibly even more so.

As all our Spring parties have been postponed we are here to help either to plan a new party or wedding or to offer consultancy for existing plans that need radical changes.  We will be updating this page with further hints, tips and expert advice over the next few weeks so do check back in.

Tip of the day – If you are considering postponing your event don’t drag your heels. Dates for the later part of the year and in fact next year as well are filling up fast.




Marquee based wedding

Wedding at the RSA house

Entrance to a party tipi

Clearspan marquee

festival themed party

festival themed party

DJ at a party