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  • Management

    From conception to clear-up, we are there every step of the way.

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  • Production

    Producing every event with sublime synergy and expert finesse, masters of the occasion.

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  • Styling

    From the bold and extravagant to subtle contemporary chic.

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  • Lighting

    Employing innovative and progressive techniques to create spectacular environments.

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  • Entertainment

    Exciting, inspiring, show-stopping but above all entertaining.

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What we did


This project at the National Gallery presented some interesting challenges. Timing was one as all had to be set in an hour and a half and the other was the H&S requirements of delivering and event amongst priceless work of art. With our extensive experience of putting events into a wide variety of venues we were able to  handle this with ease. Meticulous planning, stringent risk assessments and a highly professional team meant this job was carried off without a hitch.

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Thank you for organising what turned out to be an exceptional event, one simply could not have asked for better…We look forward to surpassing the achievement next year