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    From conception to clear-up, we are there every step of the way.

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    Producing every event with sublime synergy and expert finesse, masters of the occasion.

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  • Styling

    From the bold and extravagant to subtle contemporary chic.

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    Working with leading chefs and award-winning event caterers.

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  • Lighting

    Employing innovative and progressive techniques to create spectacular environments.

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    Exciting, inspiring, show-stopping but above all entertaining.

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  • Marquees

    From rain covers to show piece party structures, we have it covered.

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The third party for this client. Their daughter wanted a Vintage Hollywood theme for her 21st. Keeping the structures to a minimum she wanted to utilise their stunning terrace creating a glamorous evening with defined areas for the chalet, bar and dancing. With a paths of chipped blue glass and floor of resin set white marble chips we had to be very careful in securing the structures. We utilised weights and water ballast on neoprene pad to ensure no damage was done. The dance area included a raised DJ platform off one of the raised flower beds and had a screen showing a live Instagram feed. Large fire pits kept guests warm in the later part of the evening and the structures did their job when we had a light shower at the start of the evening. It turned into a warm and balmy night and looked truly fabulous as darkness set in and the lighting came into play.

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