Technical Production

Technical Production

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Our technical event experience and expertise means that you’re in safe hands. Mirage’s clients have the comfort and reassurance their event will run faultlessly from start to finish. Production is not outsourced or left to float unmanaged.

Along with ensuring the finest quality and standards, high production values matter as they mean we are able to push creative boundaries comfortably and with minimal risk. We’re able to suggest spectacular and innovative ideas while giving you the reassurance that we know how to implement and manage each new creative concept.

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We carry out detailed risk assessments and thorough checks into all suppliers health and safety measures. We build to British standard construction measures. And we consider technical planning as an essential step in the party planning process. We’re skilled at:

  • Bespoke rigging for party lighting and sound to transform different event spaces including stage and dance floors.
  • Design and build of new temporary event structures that are completely tailored to a grounds of a clients home. We’re compliant with strict British standards, while ensuring clients have the design, look and feel that they want for their event.
  • Ensuring all mandatory health and safety compliance occurs, while also delivering the best party atmosphere possible.

Technical production is at the heart of all our event and party planning. We demonstrate this in several ways:

  • Detailed expert technical knowledge of the design, construction and management of temporary event structures, staging, lighting, audio, power and services.
  • Precision planning, carefully considered time management and an experienced understanding of the dynamics of an event including guest flow and operational logistics.
  • Maintaining successful, established and solid relationships with top professional contractors, crew, entertainers, artists,.
  • Single point of contact and onsite management for continuity of care.
  • Attention to preserving highly polished, quality detail and finishes.
  • Experience in managing and maximising a clients budget.
Party rig ©Mirage Parties
Party Planning ©Mirage Parties

Mirage event designers and party producers take their responsibilities very seriously. We consider power requirements, site plans, structural layouts and draw up detailed technical plans and onsite schedules. Carefully planning each element of an event – the bar, dance floor, stage, catering, furniture, props – ensures the best possible atmosphere for the budget, size of the site and the number of people attending. 

Production doesn’t end with planning. Mirage will always be onsite at each event and party. Our professional onsite event management discreetly and skilfully directs the flow of the party, managing the catering, bar, entertainment and crew. After all, flawless detail and the finest high quality finish are essential to luxury party and event production.

“I also love watching people on top of their game, who exude confidence and watching the set-up and the general organisation of the event had been a real pleasure. I loved your light-touch authority and eyes everywhere. Thank you – you understood so well what we wanted to achieve, and translated it in to actions and details that seemed unimaginable.”

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