A Glittering 60th Birthday Party

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For the third time, Mirage Parties had the distinct honour of planning a landmark celebration for our delightful clients. Over a decade ago, we were entrusted with styling and managing their magnificent and indulgent 50th birthday bash. Two years later, we flawlessly executed another unforgettable 50th event. Now, as the clients celebrated their 60th milestone, they turned to us once more for a spectacular celebration. This time, armed with valuable creative insights gained from our past collaborations, we embarked on crafting a truly remarkable party experience.

Having worked closely with our clients for their previous events, we knew precisely how to bring their vision to life. The brief was a pleasure to work on, with their only request being an increase in seating furniture to ensure all guests could lounge and chill while savoring the evening’s magic. Inspired by our clients’ refined tastes, we designed a swanky luxurious private members club lounge infused with the ambiance of an exclusive contemporary nightclub. Elevated seating platforms added interest, while bespoke lighting columns made a bold statement, breaking up the marquee’s vertical volume.

We created an enchanting setting that captivated guests from the moment they arrived. A mirrored cocktail bar served as the perfect complement to the bespoke gold monogramed dance floor, radiating opulence and sophistication. Our flair bartenders, ever attentive, ensured that guests were indulged and cared for throughout the evening.

During the champagne reception, guests were serenaded and entertained by one of our favorite acts – a roaming acoustic band. Their melodious tunes delighted everyone, while a mind-reading magician left guests baffled and amazed with his captivating tricks.

Guests were treated to a culinary journey like no other. From beautifully presented canapes to delectable bowl food and exquisite dessert canapes, every bite was a delight for the senses. But the pinnacle of the night was when the 8-piece band took to the stage, igniting the mirrored dance floor and ensuring that it was kept full the entire night.

The celebration was nothing short of fabulous, etched in memories as a night to cherish forever. As we look forward to our clients’ next 60th milestone in the years to come, we relish the opportunity to surpass our own accomplishments once again.

Mirage Parties is honored to have played a role in our clients’ landmark celebrations throughout the years. Our ability to truly understand our clients’ desires and incorporate their vision into each party is what sets us apart. If you seek an event that transcends expectations, merging elegance, entertainment, and immersive experiences, we invite you to embark on a journey with Mirage Parties. Your milestone celebration will be nothing short of extraordinary, leaving you with cherished memories that will last a lifetime

Hi Julia and Christian

Thank you so much for making my party the best party! it ran so smoothly and everyone has been saying it was the best party they have been too !! The band , roaming band and the magician were brilliant. All the staff were so friendly and helpful too.

Thank you so much again. We have so many happy memories.

With kind regards

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