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We stepped into action once again, answering the call of one of our cherished and loyal clients, entrusting us with the task of crafting an unforgettable wedding day for their beloved sister-in-law. Embracing the couple’s vision of steering clear from the ordinary, they yearned to infuse their own unique style into every facet of the celebration. A conventional gathering was far from their aspirations; instead, they wanted us to craft an experience that matched their individuality. Creating a relaxed urban chic wedding setting that picked up on their love of Ibiza and its nightclubs, we set about turning their dreams into reality.

The stage was set at Shoreditch Studios, a fabulous blank canvas venue that allowed us to design their perfect setting, and we wholeheartedly took on the mission of producing a day filled with fun and entertainment. 

Upon arrival, the seemingly nondescript industrial courtyard had undergone a breath-taking metamorphosis, blossoming into a lush garden oasis, where guests could bask in the warmth of the August sun before crossing the threshold into the ceremony space. With a touch of magic, the amazing Garage Florals, sculpted a contemporary aisle centrepiece, while vibrant dahlias adorned the ends of the pews.

As the ceremony concluded, the air filled with the clinking of champagne flutes and the tantalizing aroma of delectable canapés. As the guests socialised outside, we swiftly transformed the ceremony space into a relaxed chic haven for the wedding feast.

The prevailing trend of long communal tables was complemented by a menu that indulged the senses through an assortment of tasting plates. With this approach, the desired ambiance of relaxed sophistication came to life, as guests delved into the culinary spread, forging connections over shared bites.

When darkness fell a new party space was revealed to guests so that they could indulge in true Ibizan club nightlife with their favourite vinyl DJ brought in to oversee the music.

Mirage Parties harmoniously merged the couple’s distinct aspirations with our expertise, crafting an urban chic wedding that moved away from the conventional and embraced their unique style. Once again, we had the honour of crafting an occasion that will remain etched in the memories of all who attended, a testament to the magic that unfolds when dreams and meticulous planning intertwine.

As you know I like to challenge you and this was definitely a challenge. I don’t think any element of it was simple and there were a lot of components and a lot of direction changes. I never doubted you would pull it off and you certainly did.

I really appreciated all the pictures of you updating me on how construction was going and then to see how you bought a bit of Ibiza to Shoreditch was astounding. Everyone loved the look of each part of the day.

The feel of each section was exactly how we wanted it to be, the romance of the ceremony whilst also being so much fun, the holiday feel of the drinks reception, the uniqueness of the wedding breakfast and the brilliance of the night club. Alex you looked like you were enjoying setting off the machine and the confetti cannon. The atmosphere in each section of the day changed as required but throughout it all was a fabulous vibe.

We were really appreciative of the projected sign as a surprise. It all looked wonderful, we had so many compliments and people will be talking about it for years to come.

Morgan’s comment to me was it was the best day of his life, he loved every moment of it and you only had to look at Laura’s smile to see she loved everything.

We all want to pass on our gratitude to you all

Best wishes

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