Themed 21st Party

Cloud Atlas

Our second party for this family, the first being an American Diner styled sweet 16 and now a hugely creative brief of Cloud Atlas meets Clockwork Orange for their other daughter’s 21st

21st Birthday Party

Mirage Expertise at this event

A West London photographic studio was the venue, with oriental styling providing the atmosphere and backdrop to an entertainment fuelled party.
Body painted models greeted guests on arrival and then took to the podiums a little later on in the evening.

The delectable canapés were offered to guests from Geisha styled living tables and one of the highlights was a floor display from the impressive Blade Girls.

“I don’t have enough words to do it justice, literally had the most amazing night , the scene was perfect. (I’m not sure I’ve loved being in a room more) the music was perfect , the people working were perfect! I just had the best night I’ve ever had at a party, I’m pretty sure it was the best party I’ve ever been to! (Still on a high tbh)A night of my strange & untranslated dreams to remember forever. I hope our paths cross again too truly, best night ever.”

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