40th Birthday Party

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We delight in the opportunity to bring local clients’ celebrations to life, and this particular event, just a short 5-minute jaunt from our offices, ranks among our favourites this summer.

40th birthday celebrations include guests who often have young children, so our clients wanted to create a family focused 40th birthday party. The daytime event, commencing at 3 pm and concluding at 9 pm, aimed to provide a seamless blend of enjoyment for both adults and their little ones. We took the responsibility of entertaining the children, ensuring the grown-ups could enjoy the relaxed vibe and socialise without the distraction of their charges.

To cater to the younger crowd, we set up a bouncy castle with a dedicated attendant, enlisted a skilled face paint artist, and secured the talents of a balloon modeler. Our clients even had their own fantastic climbing frame, offering the kids a plethora of options for enjoyment.

Our chefs crafted a child-friendly menu featuring unfussy and intriguing canapés—the cocktail stick with a sausage, dollop of ketchup, and small square chip proved to be a hit, devoured not just by the kids, but also by the parents!

Despite a summer marked by wet drizzle, the stars aligned, and the sun graced us with its presence. The barbecue became a popular focal point, serving up delectable posh barbeque delights such as 72-hour sous vide brisket sliders and melt-in-your-mouth pulled pork.

Guiding the day’s rhythm was our exceptional DJ, Miss Kelly Marie, who expertly navigated the decks, seamlessly blending the must-have sounds of rock and techno with chilled ambient vibes. Quite an achievement indeed!

What a day, we can’t thank you enough – it all worked perfectly.


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