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A fabulous night of 50th festival fun. “It was, of course, a genuinely unbelievable evening …”

SPECTACULAR Festival Themed Party

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Our lovely client was after a festival themed 50th birthday party, with lots of acts and entertainment to occupy the guests from the moment they arrived.
The party commenced in the flower garden with champagne, Pimms and strawberries accompanied by a string quartet, jugglers and a deceptionist. The children were entertained with victorian stall games, an arts and craft tent and an Xbox tent for the teenagers.

The party then moved into the giant hat Katas for dinner and dancing to a Jazz/Salsa band accompanied by salsa dancers. The bar served cocktails and this part of the evening culminated in fireworks to music.

Afterwards guests all gathered around the fire pits in the festival village for hotdogs and a sing along. All guests were treated to onsite accommodation in 25 tepees arranged around the large fire pit. Breakfast 

“It was, of course, a genuinely unbelievable evening and night, but given the preparation that went in to it, that was, kind of, to be expected. What completely took my breath away was – well, actually a number of things:

– The level of creativity in the presentation. The main party tipis were astonishing inside, all the guests were very vocal in their almost disbelief at the beauty and simplicity of the flowers, the candles, the tables and chairs, the place-settings… so many small detail touches that make such a huge difference – it looked really quite magical;

– The cheerfulness of all the staff. The guests couldn’t get over the fact that everyone was so helpful and so positive and just so nice, and that really makes the event special;

– The quiet efficiency of the organisation. I always notice bad service and disorganisation (and grumble and snort), but I also love watching people on top of their game, who exude confidence, and I meant it genuinely when I said to the guests in my little speech that watching the set-up and the general organisation of the event had been a real pleasure.

Special mention to you Julia on the night. I loved your light-touch authority and eyes everywhere… Thank you, you understood so well what we wanted to achieve, and translated it in to actions and details that seemed unimaginable. Thank you cards and letters are coming in thick and fast, all age-groups loved it… not easy! We’ll be back I’m sure!”

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