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Friends, food, fireworks and a surprise hidden nightclub

Mid Summer's Eve Party

Mirage Expertise at this event

Our lovely clients for this party wanted to give their family and friends a party to end all parties to celebrate their joint 50th birthdays.

Guests arrived on a glorious mid summer’s eve to the inviting and pretty setting of tipis in one of their fields with a campfire lit for later and champagne flowing with mix and mingle entertainment. Everyone chatted and caught up whilst dining on glorious barbecued bowl food.

As the night drew in and darkness fell guests were treated to a stunning firework display all choreographed to the music that made up the sound track to this couple’s life. But this was just the beginning as, hidden behind the pretty tipis, was the magnificent surprise of a luxury pop-up nightclub. The energy in the party hit full volume and guests showed us they knew how to party hard.

“We cannot express how much we both enjoyed the evening. It went so smoothly and each bit of it we enjoyed so much more than we’d anticipated. Some regrets….we should both have eaten more of the gorgeous food, sampled the ice creams & sorbets and checked out every cocktail on the list!! This is beginning to sound like a jolly good reason to have another party…… I will never forget the looks on so many of our friend’s faces when Rage went into full swing, it was simply brilliant! They were only just recovering from the magnificent firework display! We have had the most incredible feed back from virtually every one of our friends, you must give yourselves an enormous pat on the back – THANK YOU. Coming back down to earth (post hangovers!) was the hardest bit and watching everything being dismantled was quite sad. Almost immediately after that, J. topped the fields. So virtually no evidence left of it ever happening. Wishing you, Christian and all at Mirage parties a great Summer too.”

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