Magical Woodland Festival

20th Anniversary Party

Creating a spectacular magical festival party in our clients woodland.

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We love turning dreams into reality, and thats exactly what we did for our lovely client who wanted to host a festival party amidst the breathtaking beauty of a woodland on their grounds. They wanted a relaxed, magical vibe embracing the enchanting setting of the woods. it was a challenge we gladly accepted, and the result was nothing short of extraordinary.

Our team embarked on a creative journey to design and bring to life the perfect spaces nestled amongst the trees, whilst also ensuring cover for those unpredictable British summer days. Three main covered areas emerged, each with its own unique charm.

The food court with individual shelters allowed guest to satisfy their taste buds with a mouthwatering selection from three different street food stations. The delightful aromas guiding them to this culinary heaven. For the survivors, breakfast was served the following morning.

The Central chill space set atop a raised platform. This cozy oasis allowed guests to unwind and chat with friends while soaking in the serene woodland setting.

The dance floor on another raised platform allowed guests to lose themselves in the rhythm and music. This lively dance floor amongst the trees added the the unforgettable party experience.

But there was more! The woodland held secrets waiting to be discovered. Guests could wander through the lush foliage to stumble upon hidden spots that offered more intimate settings.

We curated a diverse lineup of entertainment to keep the magic alive through out the night. A roaming acoustic band serenaded the guests with their huge repertoire of tunes, a world class DJ setting the dance floor alive with electrifying beats and a top notch party band ensuring the guests danced the night away until the early hours.

Not forgetting the meadow games area! Guests engaged in friendly competition with friends and family enjoying the setting sun of a glorious evening.

This was more than just a party; it was an immersive experience where nature and festivities coalesced in perfect harmony creating a magical woodland festival.

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