Themed Party

Moulin Rouge

The brief for this party was to give their daughter the best party that any of her guests had ever been to. The theme was to be Moulin Rouge and we were to find a local greenfield site to hire for the marquee.

Voulez vous coucher avec moi?

Mirage Expertise at this event

Guests were coached to this private party and as they approached sky tracker lights were seen from afar. The entrance into the Moulin Rouge styled marquee was through a large red windmill. Beautiful Can Can girls greeted guests and an enormous ice sculptured elephant vodka luge re-enforced the theme.
A large circular mirrored bar proved to be the place to gather before everyone was treated to cabaret entertainment. The finale being the birthday girl’s dramatic entrance of appearing from a cloud of smoke courtesy of the marvelous magician.

Appetising bowls of food circulated for everyone to enjoy before gathering around the spectacular cake for speeches.

The Moulin Rouge themed dancers performed a breath taking display then left the dance floor to the guests to dance to one of the top London DJ’s.

Detailed theming and propping throughout this party created a magical and memorable event delivered to our client’s brief.

“I can’t thank you enough for all your efforts last Saturday – the party was fabulous and worth every penny. To stand in a wind blown field and imagine the Moulin Rouge was very difficult a few months ago but I was there last Saturday I still don’t know how you managed it.”

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