Toffs, Chavs and Wags

40th birthday

This couple wanted to celebrate their joint 40th by giving a truly creative party to their friends and their Toffs Chavs and Wags theme was one we relished getting creative with.

Mirage Expertise at this event

A marquee based party allowed us to zone the party space into the different themes.
The Chavs area sporting an enormous flat screen monitor showing the biggest cringe moments from Jeremy Kyle on a loop, gaudy gold chesterfields a dart board and discarded crushed cans of special brew.

Adjacent to this was the Wags palace dominated by 12’ long white chesterfields, champagne cork stools and contemporary minimal floral arrangements.

These two areas served as the reception and chill out space overlooking the grand Toff styled columned and draped dance floor surrounded by laden bookcases and hunting trophy animal heads.

It was a very uniquely styled party and with all the guests fully embracing the fancy dress theme it surprised the bartenders when velour clad orange guests requested a Champagne cocktail with very clipped accents.

If you are looking to plan a 40th birthday party, take a look at our blog post on Rollicking party themes to celebrate 40th birthdays.

“WOW! What a great party it was last night – everyone had a great time even including me once I had had a few drinks as I was a bag of nerves beforehand. Everything was brilliant. from the band, the caterers, the bar staff to the inspired marquee decoration! It all ran seamlessly and certainly took a lot of the stress away knowing the you were in control. It was a particularly unique (!) party and one that we will remember forever. Many thanks for all your hard work, we’ve already had lots of effusive thanks and compliments.”

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