Technical production is at the heart of all our event and party planning

Our technical experience and expertise ensures you have the comfort and reassurance that your event will run faultlessly from start to finish. Unlike many of our competitors, this is not outsourced or left to float unmanaged.

Hands on technical expertise means we are able to push creative boundaries comfortable in the knowledge that we can do so with minimal risk. It ensures we are able to suggest new and engaging party ideas to you with the reassurance we know how to implement them.

Technical Production is an area that sets us apart from most other party planners. Having in-house technical knowledge means we always keep abreast of the latest developments in;

  • structures
  • staging
  • lighting and audio
  • logistics and private charters
  • power and services

Examples of technical production

Bespoke Rigging, Sound and Lighting. Our bespoke LED lighting systems dramatically transforms spaces. They also help to reduce budgets with their reduction in power requirements. 

Venue structure design and build. We design and build new structures that are compliant with strict British standards, ensuring our clients have the design and look that they’re after along with the security of British standard construction methods

Health and safety. Health and safety is of paramount importance at any event and at Mirage we take our responsibility to this very seriously. With detailed risk assessments and thorough checks into all suppliers’ health and safety measures, we ensure all mandatory H&S compliance occurs.

Read more about best standards in event production in our blog post Autosport Awards 2016: Event Production.

Planning a Party?

Mirage provide a personalised full party planning service, including event design, production and management. 

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