Corporate Staff Party Tips and Trends

Our top tips and trends for your corporate staff party in 2017

The time is now…

Our top tip for these hot summer days is to start thinking about the cooler nights of Christmas, and more specifically, booking your Christmas staff party now, yes now in June! Leave it too late and you may find your preferred dates are fully booked, your perfect venue already secured by the competition and your top party planner at maximum capacity.

Guests at corporate summer staff party by Mirage Parties
So, what’s hot when it comes to the corporate staff party this summer, for Christmas 2017 and all the times in between?

The staff party, like other corporate events – product launches, award shows, conferences and exhibitions – should reflect your company’s core communication objectives, placing brand values and vision at the centre of the event. At the same time, we understand that the goal is also to motivate, reward and invest in your human resources.

To hit the right note you’ll need to get creative, don’t just tick the usual boxes. Aim to deliver a premium event rather than choosing an economy class occasion.

Here’s five ways to get it right:

  1. Intrigue – don’t settle for the usual shared city spaces. Consider what you could do with a blank canvas and transform an unusual space. This is where you’ll need the experience and expertise of a top professional party planner. The best event planning and management companies will make your event a truly bespoke affair. Remember it’s about communicating your company’s core values in a live, immersive and unforgettable way, not rolling out another cookie cutter party.Once you’ve decided on your venue and date, send out a teaser – a preliminary invitation (bespoke and printed) with intriguing details to build suspense and set up a sense of surprise.
  2. Relax – casual dining, super social bowl food, and big charcoal grills rule the day. If you do go formal, make it super glamorous and consider table plans well in advance.
  3. Fun – Consider a theme and how you can push the envelope to embrace frivolity and quirkiness while making the fun easy for your guests to embrace. Interactive theatre style entertainment that guests can engage with is very on trend – coupled with top flair bar tenders to mix the perfect elixir.
  4. Turn it up – Not just the music. Think of your party as being like a really good academy award winning film or play. Hold back a surprise, a plot twist or turn. After guests have socialised and had their fill at the buffet, consider what’s next. Acts and entertainment come into their own here. International DJs, top percussionists and even full party bands will hit the right note. Make sure they’re super professional and a trusted source of high-end entertainment.
  5. Be flexible – on dates. Thursdays and Fridays in December are oversubscribed. If you’re adding clients into the mix you’ll often get a better response rate and stand out from the crowd if you try something different. For example, we’ve seen a new trend for kick off parties both in January (a great pick me up for staff suffering the January blues) and at the start of a company’s fiscal year.

Need more inspiration?  

Check out this super cool and glamorous summer staff party that we produced earlier this month for staff at a London technology company.

Giant hat tipis at dusk with festoon lighting

Festoon lighting is on trend in 2017 for events and parties – see more photos from this event

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