Cocktails and Party Dreams

We’ve worked with London’s top leading professional bartenders and mixologists for many, many years now. We love watching them at the top of their game and have much respect for their passion and skill.

Bespoke cocktail menu private party

Our cocktails are crafted by our professional, highly skilled bartenders.

Our Mixologists

Back in our April blog post we wrote about how the cocktail bars, bar tenders and the drinks they serve are always cohesive with the theme and style of the events that we plan and produce.

Alongside producing the finest classic and bespoke cocktails, our favourite mixologists are also consistently devising new twists and experiences to entertain and delight guests at our private parties and corporate events. This month they’ve been crafting something a little different for us with liquors and champagne.liquor caviar making

Melon, violet and vanilla liquors, Champagne and melon ‘caviar’ spheres.

These liquor spheres or ‘caviar’ are like little explosions of flavour on your tongue. Created in small bespoke batches they’re an alchemy of artisan flavour. The process to produce the little liquor balls is enjoyable in itself. With the right pH levels achieved, the liquor is dropped into a mineral bath and then slowly sieved with slotted metal spoons. Perfect for hosts who want to incorporate a cocktail making experience into their event.
Table set for a cocktail making workshop at a client

Table set for a cocktail making workshop at a client’s private party

The liquor spheres are also an exciting addition to cocktails, puddings and canapés (as a garnish). What our mixologists do well is understand flavour combinations along with colour and texture – peach spheres in a Bellini, and passion fruit sphere in a porn star martini, for example.

New Party Bar & Catering Options

colourful canapes

We have a number of new and exciting cocktail, pudding and canapé options for autumn and winter 2018 which we’d love to tell you all about. Do give us a call as you start to consider your next private party, family celebration or corporate event.

Mirage Party Planners

Mirage provide a personalised full party planning service, including event design, production and management. When it comes to catering and bar, we work closely with leading chefs, top event caterers, and the very best professional mixologists and bartenders.

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