5 Future Trends in Party Planning

In this blog post we look at what we’re most excited about with regards to the future of party planning.

Party lighting

  1. Lighting

Advances in technology are a driving force of change for many industries, including the events management and party planning sector. Advances in lighting technology are particularly exciting.

Looking back 10 to 15 years, party planners would need to organise for a generator to be onsite at marquee based parties and events for almost all occasions due to power consumption from lighting and catering. Venues would often have a limited available power supply.

Havana nights themed marquee based party
Now, more times than not, we can run LED lighting off a domestic electricity supply, or with the improvements in battery technology, use battery powered units. Improvements in wireless technology and tablet based programs make the operation of lighting technology simpler and easier. These advances cut down on cabling and rig time, improving versatility.

In the future we’ll continue to exploit greater opportunity and scope for rigging stunning lighting in venues, blank spaces and marquees.

  1. Colour Palette

Colour preferences continue to change and evolve. Here’s our top colour trend tips:

  • Purple hues have been very popular for years (last year Marsala, this year Rose Quartz and Serenity, and Radiant Orchid in 2014). Keep an eye out in December as that’s when the new Pantone for 2017 is revealed.
  • Gatsby black and gold, and monochrome, will always be popular.
  • Black and taupe are on trend and we’ll start to see greater use of these two complimentary hues.


  • Looking at floristry for inspiration, we see a trend developing towards dusty colours and a sophisticated pallet focusing on mid tone shades – warmth, but with greater subtly. 
  • We’re moving away from stark white tints towards muted, moodier hues. This move away from bright white is particular, but not restricted, to wedding styling. The future is moving from floating pure white to a warmer and more subtle colour pallet.
  1. Food

Menus continue to change and evolve. We’re seeing caterers going local, seasonal, sustainable and back to their roots.
party catering
Perhaps most exciting is seeing new and different films released which influence the development of new and unusual party themes. This has an impact on food choices, with clients interested in cuisine that complements their party theme and styling.

  1. Drink

Gin cocktails will continue to have a strong appeal. The future in Gin mixology is aromatic, seasonal and local. Our bar tenders are mixing;

  • Gin, Prosecco, ginger, lime and mint
  • Garden of Eden (Mojito and Gin)
  • Gin Mare with Mediterranean tonic, cherry tomatoes and basil
  • Tanqueray No. TEN, pink grapefruit and fever tree tonic
  • Silent Pool with Fever-Tree aromatic and spring of fresh lavender

Molecular cocktails will remain popular. As will the spectacle of dry ice cocktails.


  1. Social Media

What role will social media play at parties in the future? Snap chat in use, live at parties is of the moment. The next big opportunity is in understanding the role that social media plays in building interest for an event or party.

Knowing the fine balancing act between social and traditional hard copy when it comes to inviting guests to a party and building expectations and excitement will be key to delivering a truly memorable event.

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