How To: Pick the Perfect Party Planner

The professional party planner knows what it takes to produce an exceptional event.

It’s all about the detail. Rather than managing disparate suppliers yourself, hiring a party planner who’ll see the big picture brings control. Top party planners will be masters of production and they’ll tick all of the boxes.

wedding planners

  1. Decades of experience and knowledge of party planning and event production. They’ll have glowing testimonials and rave reviews from happy clients.
  2. Extremely creative with a proven track record of pushing the boundaries. They’ll have an outstanding gallery of their own photos and video showcasing past parties and events that they’ve created – no stock photography!
  3. Communicate clearly. They’ll deliver a thorough brief including design and images.
  4. Strong relationships with trusted suppliers. They’ll have good working relationships with suppliers and they’ll cover all the detail needed to ensure that everything is delivered as required in good working order and on time.
  5. Meticulous at planning and understand logistics. They will produce technical plans, site layouts and detailed on-site schedules. They’ll deliver a flawless event.
  6. Technical experts. They have in-house knowledge second to none. They will know everything that’s happening onsite and how it all works together, from power requirements, to the load bearing capacity of structures and rigging points of the staging.
  7. Bring it all together. They’ll bring a vision to fruition and the quality and delivery will be exceptional.  It’s not just about the catering or the venue and band, they’ll have a trusted track record for managing everything from furniture, rigging and props to lighting, insurance and generator hire.

Take the stress out of running your event

Top party planners are there for you every step of the way, from conception to clear-up. They’ll be hands on and swiftly solve any problems as they arise so you can enjoy your occasion.

Are you looking for a party planner to deliver a seamless, faultless and above all superb party? 

Mirage Parties eliminates the stress of party planning and delivers exceptional event production and management. From conception to clear-up, we’re there every step of the way. Do get in touch, call 01883 740 400.

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