How to Plan a Corporate Party

Our guide to planning the best corporate party

With a hectic to-do list and a multitude of deadlines, planning a corporate party may seem overwhelming. How do you organise an event for fifty, one-hundred or more? And in today’s uncertain economic climate, you may be working to a short turnaround time.

Corporate event planning requires years of expertise. Our Directors; Christian and Julia have over 25 years in event management so we can truly claim to be the experts!

There are too many elements involved in corporate party planning to go it alone. With a guest list to organise and internal stakeholders to please, picking an established and proven party planner is a necessity. Here at Mirage HQ, we’ve been quizzing our Directors to find out what you should be considering when planning a corporate event.

Party Goals

An amazing Summer or Christmas party can have a great impact on a company. The perfect opportunity to show gratitude to employees and clients, create networking opportunities and strengthen relationships. It’s also a chance to establish, maintain or reinforce your company brand values. All of which can be fed into the party production enhancing the party ambience!

The Guest List

Are you solely looking to host a party for your employees? Looking to invite clients? Will you be extending the invite to family members? Meeting everyone’s expectations can be done but you’ll need to consider this mix throughout each element of the party. If you are in the (easier!) position to focus solely on your employees then give them a party they will never forget.

Each scenario requires a slightly different event solution, our expertise helps ensure you give them a party that is appropriate, on message and enhances the brand values. But above all is fun and one that they will never forget.

Timing & Dates

Venue availability will often dictate your party date. Thursday’s are typical for corporate parties and the most favourable. A late start on a Friday is always beneficial if sore heads are involved! For employee events, kicking off when the office closes means guests can go straight to the event. This creates a group sense of involvement and we often arrange transport for the guests if it’s an external venue which builds the anticipation and excitement.


Be warned, if you’re looking for a top London venue over the Christmas period then suffice to say demand will be high. If you have a short turnaround for an event consider your own office space. A lovely atrium or large conference room can be beautifully transformed by our team.

How about hosting in the grounds of one of your own Director’s properties or in a green field site? Working with leading suppliers of temporary event structures we can create a completely self-contained party venue. This also enables you to pick the best date without worrying about venue availability, win-win!


Putting a cost on a corporate event is pretty impossible given the number and variation of elements involved. However our corporate events have ranged in budget from £12K to £200k, so give us a call and we can easily work though your requirements and give you a good steer on an approximate budget for your event. Once budgets are established and approved, our management, scheduling, communication and controls ensure we always stay within your requirements.


Unless you have an obvious theme then your venue will often dictate your party vibe. Hosting a party in Shoreditch would suit a cool contemporary nightclub theme. If hosting at Claridges, white tie and tiaras would fit perfectly.

For this festival themed party, guests were treated to early evening drinks and sumptuous food in a beautiful setting. This was then followed by an evening in our RAGE pop-up nightclub marquee.


With bountiful experience, our Director; Julia, totally understands that the “DJ and bar staff, make or break an event”. Ensure your entertainment fits with your theme. With access to top international DJ’s and professional acts we can source the best entertainment for your event.

Top illusionist; Dynamo, provided the perfect entertainment for this fully immersive experience we created with a Nightmare before Christmas theme.

Dynamo entertaining guests at a Corporate event


Catering should be yet another visual and sensual element of your event. We work with leading caterers to make sure your guests have a plentiful feed and there is no (seemingly) restrictions on what is on offer. From bountiful bowl food to on-site grills, provide the best food experience for your guests.

Catering ideas for a Corporate party

Be Innovative

To deliver stand out with employees and clients, you need to create an exceptional corporate party.

If you want to be the company that hosts the best Summer Party, or the company that makes Christmas by kicking off the season with an extravagant Christmas event, get in touch.

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