Summer Outdoor Party Planning

Don’t let anxiety about the weather dampen your anticipation

With Wimbledon around the corner and uninterrupted play looking promising for Centre Court and Court 1 (thanks to the new roof) we are looking to reassure our clients that rain does not affect their play!

As this post is being written, the weather outside is dire, wet and cold and it’s mid-June. As a luxury event organiser you would assume that the weather, notable the rain, is a party planners nightmare. However, our company Director, Julia Marryat, states that bad weather does change the vibe of a party but not to the negative. It can, in fact, bring a whole other dimension to a party. Party guests are also fully aware of how important the event is for their host, so to combat the weather having an affect on the party, they tend to bring more energy to the event.

We don’t let the rain dampen the mood

What makes a Mirage Party so special is the multitude of ingredients that go into creating our events. Many of which are extremely subtle, but every single one contribute to making an unforgettable party. Our “core” services cover:

Yet underneath each service is a multitude of planning layers that we work through to ensure every aspect is seamless. So when it comes to planning an event, the weather is always on the agenda and our event planners will be checking the forecast months, weeks and days ahead of our events.

The subtle details

It’s true, we’d all like the weather to be glorious, especially for a Summer party yet at Mirage we never rely on the weather. Some of our parties have been in the most challenging weather conditions. With log burners installed, our guests have remained warm and cosy whilst outside there was a complete gale going on. Similarly, if we feel the temperature is going to drop during the evening we’ll plan to have doors fitted to our structures as opposed to leaving a clear opening.

Log burners in a tipi
Log Burners in a Tipi to warm the guests

It’s all in the planning…

  • If you are hosting a Summer Party outside, our event planners will visit the site and draw up detailed technical plans. They take into account the space available and the best structure to fit and to meet the party brief
  • Our party planners are looking to design a flawless event, this goes beyond the general aesthetics. To address the outdoor elements, they are thinking guttering on the marquees, the most suitable flooring, can the guests reach the venue easily…
  • The event planners will take into account the wind direction and the orientation of the marquee to make sure the party venue creates the best vista for the guests, especially if we’re looking at a Summer Party

This is just part of what we do and even though the guests may not notice the flooring, they would notice if they went home with damaged heels and soggy dress hems! Nailing a carpet onto grass without any substance underneath is a huge faux-pas for us.

Walkway entrance to RAGE pop up nightclub
Entrance walkway to RAGE pop up nightclubs

Production Quality

Production quality is paramount to Mirage. In the week leading up to the event we are checking the forecast and if a shower is expected and umbrellas are required these will always be on hand. Or if we can avoid taking your guests outside, and the space allows, we construct walk-ways to your venue.

In all our year’s experience, it is rare that you’ll see rain for 100% of an event yet it still remains a huge consideration of ours. There are so many elements that go into our party planning and important considerations just happen. We would never expect guests to walk over puddles, get wet or sit on a wonky chair that has sunken in sodden ground and we totally understand how important it is to look after a pair of fabulous party shoes!!

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