Immersive Party Extravaganza

Mirage party planners deliver a fully immersive party atmosphere, taking your celebration to the next level.

The Mirage expertise is in producing extraordinary immersive party experiences. How do we do this? We see a successful party as being like a brilliant play or film. There’s a well planned and professionally produced structure to the party. We manage the timing and progression of the event.

We place the party host and guests at the centre of the action. And we give great consideration to the theme and styling, the entertainment, bar and catering and technical production of each party to deliver a totally bespoke luxury experience.

Guitarist With Guests At Private Party

The latest in mix and mingle entertainment is the roaming band – a truly interactive experience with up to 4 or 5 musicians performing amongst guests.

Planning the Party Structure

When producing a high-end immersive party we plan and manage the order of the event to fit the theme and style of the party. The structure includes;

  • the build up and anticipation, setting the scene for the party
  • the rising action as guests arrive, mix and mingle
  • the climax or turning point as everyone comes together and the energy builds
  • the falling action and resolution as guests depart and the party space is returned to its original state (giving you the sense that the whole party experience could have been just a mirage).

Producing a Fully Immersive Party

Creative world-class event design transforms venues with furniture, props, sound and lighting, acts and entertainment. Take, for example, this roaring 20’s Great Gatsby party produced by Mirage parties. The venue was an industrial warehouse which we styled around 1920’s New York Soho with Gatsby girls greeting guests and an iconic saxophonist playing atmospheric tunes whilst the guests socialised in dens of iniquity and speakeasy cabaret corners. Once dinner was over a flash mob encouraged guests through to a spectacular ballroom with Charleston displays and dancing to the best party band in the UK.


At this Heroes and Villains party, the client wanted a fun and immersive environment as his friends and family were true party animals and would relish the theme and attend in full fancy dress.

We turned a London photographic studio into a contemporary party space filled with Heroes and Villains party styled props, Captain America and our very own Hannibal Lector. Poison Ivy hostesses and waitresses were permitted to send anyone who was misbehaving to jail.

A second Gotham style roof top dance space was revealed, complete with smoking chimneys, skylights and industrial styled seating areas. A roaming saxophonist accompanied the cool DJ with shot girls and podium dancers keeping the party at a high octane level. Everyone left buzzing from an adrenaline filled exciting night.

Jail at Heroes And Villains Themed Party

Looking for a corporate Christmas party with a twist? This client wanted to do something different for their staff Christmas party. Utilising a large marquee we created a nightclub with a twisted Christmas theme. From the moment the guests entered past a dead Rudolf and a living stonewall they were bombarded with very alternative acts and entertainment. The highlights being Dynamo and the Dexter kill room that had a buffet of edible body parts with a very upset comedic ‘head’ interacting with the guests. This was a Christmas party the like of which they had never experienced and it went down a storm.

Gruesome Table At BFW event

Planning a Party?

As full service party planners, we are event designers, curators and onsite event managers, bringing all of the party elements together with perfect timing. We place our clients at centre stage as the principal characters in their own spectacular. Our clients enjoy every minute of their party. We deliver an immersive theatrical experience from exposition to dénouement – this is our luxury production expertise.

We always select the best professional acts, entertainers and artists to enhance your party theme and style. Talented meet and greet entertainers create the opportunity for guests to mix and mingle on arrival.

We create peaks of interest throughout your party with artists and musicians. Our top world-class DJ’s and bands will take your guests to an impressive high point, delivering an unforgettable party. Do get in touch. Call 01883 740400 or email

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