Luxury Party Production

When people ask us what we do we tell them that we produce luxury, world-class parties and events.

We bring the high production values of the corporate world to luxury private parties. Having formed originally as a high-end event production company for large scale businesses, our private party planning grew organically as corporate clients asked us to work with them personally.

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It’s our professional production expertise and high production values that set us apart.

What do we mean when we talk about high production values?

Top experienced party producers will continually demonstrate high production values, including:

  • Detailed expert technical knowledge and planning.
  • Innovation in event design to create a fully immersive and bespoke atmosphere.
  • An understanding of the guests, flow and dynamics of an event or party.
  • Established solid relationships with top professional entertainers, artists, contractors and crew.
  • World-class, experienced onsite management producing flawless, successful and unforgettable events.
  • Highly polished, first class quality detail and finishes.
  • Maximising a clients budget.

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Flawless detail and a high quality, polished finish are essential to luxury party production

Production includes everything from creative event design to technical planning and onsite management. It’s not just about having thorough attention to detail and delivering a flawless party. Although of course this is a given. It’s the skill of being able to curate individual disparate elements, to envisage and deliver the best party atmosphere and experience possible for hosts and guests. And it’s about ensuring a highly polished, top quality look and feel for every detail.

Technical plans, structural layout, and onsite schedules

power plan schedule and site layout

Production detail; technical plans, structural layout, site plan and onsite schedules.

Technical planning is an essential detail considered by top party planners. This involves considering elements such as structures, lighting, rigging, sound, staging and power requirements. Site plans and structural layout planning for elements such as the bar, dance floor, stage, catering, furniture and props ensures the best possible atmosphere for the budget, size of the site and the number of people attending. This planning is the point at which innovation and creativity in event design meets with expertise in technical detail.

Production does not end with planning. Onsite schedules and management on the day of your event are critical. An onsite schedule will provide detailed timings for acts and entertainment, catering, bar and crew. While onsite management directs the flow of the party, ensuring all of the elements come together so party hosts can relax and enjoy the experience.

Immersive experience of the finest quality and detail

Great production is about delivering an immersive atmosphere of the finest quality and detail, understanding the guests and the way the dynamics of a party change through the course of the evening.

We do this by creating an innovative bespoke event design and working with the best suppliers, party entertainers and artists with whom we’ve built a solid reliable relationship over many years.

Take a look at our party portfolio. All photography is from events designed, planned and produced by Mirage. Read more about how we deliver fully immersive, theatrical party experiences.

Planning a party?

Creating the highest quality, professionally produced parties is our passion. Make your party spectacular and unforgettable. Mirage provide a personalised full party planning service, including event design, production and management. Do get in touch. Call 01883 740400 or email

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