How To: Plan the Perfect Party

Hosting the perfect party for a momentous occasion can be months, or even a year in planning.

The most spectacular high-end parties boast beautiful catering, amazing entertainment and stunning looking themes and style. For a bespoke party to really thrill and delight your guests, massive creativity and flawless production are essential. Here’s your guide to getting it right.

Havana nights Cuba dancers

Festival themed party with Cuban dancers

You have the guest list in mind – a lovely and enthusiastic crowd – and the budget and freedom to be creative. Where do you start?

1. Set your objectives

What do you want your guests to feel and experience? If you’re wanting to create the best party that you or your guests have ever been to, think large and flamboyant. Decide what catering, entertainment and style options you want:


There are a myriad of catering choices available. Taking into account your preferences and must-haves, decide what catering option will complement your party;

  • Beautiful sit down meal for my guests
  • Informal catering, allowing guests to roam and mingle
  • Themed menus; teppanyaki grills, sushi bars and crepe stations are a few of your options

For both a sit down meal or more informal catering; taste, presentation and service are key. Hit the right note when it comes to depth of flavour and timing of food service or risk disappointing your guests. Don’t forget about beautiful styling, crockery, glassware and immaculately presented professional catering staff.


Entertainment needs to be matched carefully to the party style and guests. It should be exciting, inspiring, show-stopping but above all entertaining. Decide if you want:

  • Everyone up and dancing and interacting with amazing entertainers
  • Performers as soon as guests arrive to break the ice
  • Roaming entertainers to punctuate the evening
  • Top London DJ and high profile party bands

Think about creating interest throughout the duration of the party and also throughout the party space. A large mirrored circular bar with professional cocktail flares, shot girls and an enormous ice sculptured vodka luge are some of your options. Take a look at more entertainment ideas.


Getting the style right is crucial to the ambience and success of your party. Keeping the whole experience in mind, consider what party style you want:

  • Stunning looking party that’s truly spectacular and memorable
  • Themed party with unique and amazing props
  • Celebrities and high profile musicians
  • Complete transformation of my home, creating a surprise reveal

From the bold and the extravagant to the subtle and chic – your bespoke environment should embody the party atmosphere you want. Take a look at these party theme ideas for rollicking 40th and 50th birthday parties.

2. Determine your budget

Producing a large scale party with finesse requires technical expertise. For a faultless party consider all of the elements that you will need to cover:

  • Catering
  • Floristry
  • Photography
  • Bar
  • Venue
  • Styling
  • Lighting
  • Security
  • Technical Crew
  • Rigging
  • DJ
  • Stage
  • Dance Floor
  • Refuse Collection
  • Generator Hire
  • Entertainment
  • Invitations
  • AV Equipment
  • PA System
  • Furniture Hire
  • Props
  • Insurance
  • Staff
  • Mobile Loo Hire

3. Venue – Home or Away?

Before you lock in a venue, get your party planner on-board as they’ll help you to see the potential and possible pit falls of the space. Some venues will insist that you use in-house suppliers and offer no flexibility. Others may present logistics issues or other restrictions.

The Worx, London

The Worx, London, transformation. Draping, lighting, DJ booth and dance floor by Mirage Parties.

Marquee at home

Marquees, giant tipis and stretch tents make beautiful venues for parties. Their size and shapes lend themselves well to dramatic styling and deliver a wonderful atmosphere and sense of occasion. Modular and multi-zoned structures provide intimate seating, bar and chill out lounges as well as vast open spaces for dinning and dancing.
When considering a temporary event structure at home, you’ll need to understand where to site the marquee. A good party planner will inspect the site for underground cables and pipework, they’ll consider the size and shape of the space, access, any overhead obstructions and check for never ground.

Festival themed 50th party

Festival themed 50th. Giant hat Katas set for dinner and dancing.

Greenfield site

A greenfield site – undeveloped land or industrial barns – will be the ideal venue if you want to transform a blank space and party until sunrise. Do consider what extra facilities you’ll need to source, for example; generators, storage and waste, mobile kitchen and loos. Experienced party planners will be experts at knowing and transforming blank spaces, creating a high-end party from a blank canvas.

1920s Gatsby themed party

1920s Gatsby themed party transforming an industrial barn.

Looking for a party planner to deliver a seamless, faultless and above all superb party? Mirage Parties eliminates the stress of party planning and delivers exceptional event production and management. From conception to clear-up, we’re there every step of the way. Do get in touch, call 01883 740 400.

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