How to Choose the Best Party Bands

If your party goal is to have every guest on the dance floor you’ll need the best musical performers, big beats and infectious melodies. We love to pour over sample tracks from new and established talent. And over the years we’ve been lucky to witness the very best party bands, professional musicians and world-class DJs. Here’s what we’ve learned.

1. Top Talent

Vocalist on stage at private party

From vocalist, through to percussionist, performers who ooze natural talent are a joy to witness.

From London to Ibiza, Barcelona to Berlin, top bands tour the globe bringing their experiences and enthusiasm to every gig. Their music is evocative and powerful. Each set well crafted and performed.
The secret to securing the top talent is to book well in advance. Plan the date of your event first, being flexible where possible. There are key dates throughout the social season where you’ll be competing to book the best with national and regional festivals and corporate events.

2. High Energy

Party guests on the dance floor rocking out to the best party bands

The best of the best party bands will have everyone up and dancing.

It is all about the energy, spirit and life. Moving the crowd to another level and then beyond that again. You’re having an unforgettable time, building memories and you want the night to never end.
We’ve planned many parties where the guest list spans not just one or two but three generations, from teenagers to nonagenarians. At each party, the band is well briefed and the set is carefully choreographed with plenty of room for the spontaneous. In this way everyone has the most exceptional time.

3. Style & Substance

Garden Party Entertainment

Guests enjoyed an afternoon of swing with stunning lead vocal performance at this quintessentially English summer garden party.

At the most glamorous parties, guests are treated to enchanting musical performances of the most exquisite style and substance. Making our clients happy, offering something a little different, and exceeding their expectations is our top priority. It’s about making everything perfect. Here’s what our client from this English summer garden party had to say:

“I always worry about the music as there are quite a few musicians in the family but it couldn’t have been more perfect. The string quartet set the scene beautifully at the beginning and the DJ was spot on with her choice of music throughout – loved her! The Swing Band were just brilliant (great turban as a well as a stunning voice). Thank you for making my birthday very special.” – J.R.

4. Fabulous Fun

Havana Nights Themed Party Band Set Up

Guests were thrilled by the immersive sound experience at this fabulous Cuban themed party.

Are you picturing a fully themed fancy dress extravaganza for your next part? Excellent! We love a party with a theme, from Disco to Vintage Hollywood and everything in between. (If you can’t stop singing ‘This is Me’ do pick up the phone and have a chat with us re The Greatest Showman – what a party theme that’d be). Importantly, we know the very best party bands who’ll be fully involved with the spirit of your party and dress to impress for the occasion. We’re experts at staging, sound, lighting and styling – bringing your perfect party to life.
We’re also well connected with, and enamoured of huge talent that excel in interactive musical experiences; brilliant LED percussionists and entertaining roaming bands for example. They deliver not just on the stage but on the dance floor and beyond, weaving throughout the rooms of your party venue. The words ‘fabulous’, ‘magical’ and ‘wonderful’ from our clients are testament to the success and brilliance of these musicians.

 5. The Music

RPJ Band Dance Floor

Making memories – two guests share an embrace in the middle of the dance floor at this private party.

Importantly, every party we produce is completely bespoke. Part of the pleasure of having a unique event is having an original sound experience. Irresistible dance beats, compelling melody – the right fusion of tunes for your personal style is a powerful way to create unforgettable memories. We’ll work with your preferences and song lists in conjunction with your band well in advance of your event date.

6. The Management

Sound Check For Private Party

Lead vocalist and musicians perform a sound check before private party. Stage and lighting production by Mirage Parties.

At a minimum you’ll have a three or four piece band. A 10 piece band played funk and soul at this Cuban themed party. Each of the band members and their equipment will have different needs. Some of the coolest bands also have the most interesting riders. You’ll get the best performance from any act, entertainer or musician by looking after them. They’re often performing late over many hours after an earlier sound-check session post travelling to get to the party location. This means considering meals, perhaps  an out-mess depending on your location, and a greenroom along with the riders, stage, sound and lighting requirements.

7. Outsource the Detail

Host the most incredible parties without any of the hassle. Engage experienced event designers who have the production know how to bring your vision and ideas to life. You can outsource your party planning and management to Mirage party planners. Schedule an appointment to plan your party. Call 01883 740400 or email
All of the images shown on our website are from parties and events that have been planned and produced by Mirage Parties. ©2018 Mirage Parties.
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