60th Birthday Party Planner Ideas

Luxury 60th birthday party ideas for the discerning party host from leading London Party Planners.

Join the illustrious ranks of Madonna, Michelle Pfeiffer, Gary Oldman, Kate Bush, Kevin Bacon and Ice-T turning 60 this year and celebrate your milestone birthday in opulent style.

Along with wisdom comes experience and an eye for detail. Our clients expect the very highest level of quality along with the most indulgent and unforgettable party experiences. And it’s this expectation of luxury that is the foundation of our event design, party planning and production.

Top 60th Birthday Party Ideas

60 is the new 40 when it comes to thinking about designing your fabulous landmark event. Do consider the wilder and more outlandish luxury party themes. We’ve showcased some examples below. The element they all have in common is authenticity and a totally immersive theatrical experience that elevates the theme to the next level. Contemporary, stylish and intimate celebrations are also a serious option for this milestone party.

When it comes to venues, styling should ooze luxury while thinking outside the box. Unconventional spaces, including temporary structures erected in gardens and at greenfield sites are not always the obvious option, yet they can deliver impact in spades while meeting a wide scope of requirements.

Professional and creative venue styling transforms these spaces for the most perfect party to exceed all expectations. The very best entertainers and delicious world-class catering are then tailored to complement and enhance your chosen party theme or style.

1. Studio 54 Disco Themed Party

Extravagant and retro cool fun in 1970’s style at a beautiful rural estate in Kent. See more from this Studio 54 Disco Themed Party.

Studio 54 party entertainers

2. Ocean’s 11 Themed Party

A glamorous evening featuring a theatrical and dramatic surprise vault raid. See more from the Ocean’s 11 Themed Party.


3. 1980’s Themed Birthday Party

A truly authentic 80’s night of extravagantly themed indulgence. Take a look at this 1980’s Themed Birthday Party

80s Rubik

4. Luxury Marquee Party

Stylish luxury nightclub built in the grounds of our client’s home in Essex. See more of this Luxury Marquee Party.

Interior high-end marquee private party

5. 60th Birthday Party at The Gherkin London

A classic stylish party, exquisite meal and dancing 40 floors up in a room with a view. See more from this party at The Gherkin.

Private Party at the Gherkin in London

6. Hidden Nightclub Party

Fabulous friends, food, fireworks and a surprise hidden nightclub at a mid summers eve birthday party. View more of this Hidden Nightclub Party.

Interior luxury pop-up nightclub marquee with LED percussionist

Planning a 60th Birthday Party?

Mirage has designed world-class events and private parties for more than 25 years, in London, across the home counties and internationally. We know that at the end of the day, our clients will have spent an amazing time with loved ones. After all, the most important thing in life, and at your party, is that you’re happy.

Our reputation is of being exact and precise with the finer detail of party planning and production. It’s often about all the little things that you’d only notice if they were missing.

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