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Our New York-based client sought an experienced planner to produce and manage his 40th celebrations in the UK. Eager for a frat-style Toga party vibe, the festivities were slated to kick off in the mid-afternoon with organized games, gradually building to a full-on late-night bash. Guests were invited to bring their young children, necessitating entertainment that spanned a wide age range.

Proposing Shoreditch Studios as the venue—a photographic studio by day, transforming into a blank canvas event space by night—provided the ideal backdrop. As a dry-hire venue, it granted complete control over key party elements. Our installation team, kicking off early, skilfully transformed the space. Our drapers and lighting techs worked their magic, elevating the atmosphere with fabulous mood lighting and detailed styling, turning it into a Roman villa for opulent chill spaces and various activities.

The guests on arriving at the Toga party, were treated to themed canapés while mingling before the games kicked off. Guided by our comedic Roman host, the tournament featured mandatory activities like Gladiatorial pugal jousting, beer pong, bean bag throw, table football, and limbo—culminating in a hilarious medal ceremony.

Nannies were on hand to occupy the little ones. As night fell, the mezzanine provided crash beds for exhausted children, offering peace of mind for the grown-ups partying nearby. The perfect icing on the cake? Rockeeoke, where raucous renditions of rock dance floor fillers ensued—fortunately, no videos were taken to immortalize the madness.

Thank you, thank you.  I approached Mirage Parties with a list of bonkers requirements for my 40th and you provided 98% of them, and whatsmore knocked it into shape so that it wasn’t a disjointed day. I still can’t believe I managed to have the party of my dreams.  My guests were so impressed, and I got all the glory. LT

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